12 tasty Paratha Recipes – Indian Cooking

Paratha (Parantha) or Paronthi is an Indian flatbread cooked on the pan with help of some oil. It can be enjoyed with pickles, chutneys, raita (yogurt preparation) or by itself. Although there are no rules and regulations as to what time of the day, paratha should be consumed, vast majority enjoys it for hearty breakfast or as a brunch. They are also great for taking on the roads, for picnics and many Indian mothers give it to their kids in the lunch box.

If you are like me and love Parathas then you must try these delicious and flavorful Paratha Recipes:

1. Basic Indian Paratha : If you want to master the art of paratha making then begin by learning how to prepare this simple and plain Indian paratha. You can use whole wheat or regular wheat flour to make this fried Indian flatbread.

2. Gobi Paratha: This is my favourite paratha. It is made using grated cauliflower and basic Indian spices.

3. Mooli Paratha: Although very tasty, this paratha if wrapped can become a little stinky. It is stuffed with Mooli (or called Daikon or Radish)

4. Paneer Paratha: My kids absolutely love this paratha. Paneer which is Indian style cottage cheese is used as a stuffing for this paratha. You can make it hot or keep it mild.

5. Spinach Paratha: One of the healthier kinds of parathas, spinach parantha is a good way to consume spinach. This recipe is a great use of nutritional value of Spinach and has a high Iron content. Spinach paranthas store well in the fridge and taste excellent with dry Indian vegetables or curries. You can enjoy these Palak Parathas for lunch, dinner or even breakfast. I prefer pureeing the spinach for this recipe rather than using spinach leaves because leaves keep coming out, can burn and by using the puree, the paranthas turn out softer and more yummy with lots of flavor.

6. Egg Paratha: Egg lovers certainly enjoy this paratha. This Indian flatbread is made with stuffed egg popularly called  Anda paratha. You can enjoy it as a snack or prepare it for a healthy breakfast. Ingredients required are: Wheat flour for making dough, eggs, cheese and oil for cooking.

7. Dal Paratha: My mom use to cook this paratha often with leftover Dal which is basically lentils. Any kind of Dal can be used in preparing this paratha.

8. Mint Onion Paratha: Want to keep your paratha simple but still have some flavor? Try Mint Onion Paratha.

9. Masala Egg Paratha: This is a glorified version of Masala Egg Paratha. You can add vegetables of your choice along with eggs in this paratha.

10. Aloo Paratha: One of the most popular and comparatively easy to make parathas, it is stuffed with aloo ( i.e. potatoes).

11. Rajma Paratha: A great way to  use leftover beans is to prepare this Rajma (Red Kidney Beans)Paratha. Although if you are craving for this paratha, no one is going to stop you from boiling some kidney beans (or using canned beans) to make this flatbread. This Indian flatbread is quite nutritious.

12. Laccha Paratha: Although plain, this paratha is cooked slightly different then the basic paratha. Lachha Paratha is a round and flaky, multi layered Indian flatbread best enjoyed with curries or Indian vegetables. All you need for this recipe is whole wheat flour, water, oil for cooking (or butter/ghee), pinch of sugar and salt.

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