Top 10 Must Try Indian Breads

Ok, so you are in love with curry, spices but have you had Indian breads? Perhaps, you’ve tried Naan but how about others? Here is a list of top 10 must try Indian Breads that you got to eat before you die:

1. Plain Parantha: Goes well with dry indian dishes (called sabji’s), raita (yogurt preparations) and lentils (Dal)
2. Roti: Known by various other names like chapati, phulka/fulka, this simple Indian bread is the most common Indian food basically staple diet of east indians.
3. Aloo Parantha: This Potato stuffed Indian flatbread goes very well with plain natural homemade yogurt. They are heavy so I am usually done after two.
4. Luchi Bread or Poori: This deep fried indian flatbread is not for the faint hearted. It tastes great with chole (chickpeas) and makes for a perfect Sunday Brunch.
5. Gobi Parantha: If you love cauliflower, you’ll like this stuffed Indian flatbread.
6. Kulcha Recipe: This yeast free simple kulcha recipe is free of any artificial flavors, preservatives or other harmful ingredients. Again, great with curries and sabji’s.
7. Mooli Parantha: Although a little stinky, these Daikon radish filled paranthas (stuffed indian flatbread) will keep you full for hours.
8. Besan Puda: This bread is made using chickpeas flour and some other simple Indian spices. They make for a great snack.
9. Sooji Uttapam: These Indian style semolina crepes are quick and easy. Try them if you are craving salty pancakes.
10. Naan in the Grill: My favourite Indian bread and most popular across the nation. . You can also try making Naan in the Oven at home if you don’t have grill or use your good old skillet.

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