10 amazing Egg Recipes you should try!

Egg Recipes

Do you like eggs? Looking for some ‘eggcellent’ recipes to incorporate in your diet? Here are some tasty egg recipes for your from my kitchen.

1. Scrambled Eggs – Indian style called Ande Ki Bhurji 

If you have nothing in your fridge but simple Indian spices and some eggs, then go for this Scrambled eggs dish called Ande Ki bhurji Indian style.

2. Egg Curry

One of the most easy curry dishes you’ll ever prepare. Enjoy this curry over rice or with roti.

3. Egg Paratha

Want to have something on the go. This egg paratha is easy to make and perfect to hold in hand and bite. This Indian flatbread is sure to please all egg lovers. Make a bunch of these at night and just warm them and grab them on the go for breakfast.

4. Egg Fried Rice

Home after a long busy day? Nothing is as easy and delicious as this quick egg fried rice recipe. Great way to use leftover rice and veggies.  You can head over to the grocery store after you’ve regained your energy after this nutritious yet healthy dinner recipe.

5. Masala Egg Toast

Incorporate some veggies in your morning meal by preparing this tasty Masala Egg toast. Quick and tasty breakfast idea.

6. Masala Omelette

Need no carbs..well, then just prepare this flavourful Indian Masala Omelette. Protein rich, this will keep you energized for hours.

7. Potato Egg Curry

Really tasty curry prepared with Potatoes and eggs. Now, who doesn’t have them in their pantry most of the time.

8. Egg Roast

Don’t be mislead by the title of this dish. This Kerala style egg curry is often made during Easter by Christian community in southern parts of India.

9. Masala Egg Paratha 

Add some flavour to plain good ol’ paratha by adding veggies and eggs. Healthy breakfast or snack for anytime of the day.

10. Egg Salad Sandwich 

You cannot go wrong with this egg salad sandwich recipe. Easy to prepare, even teenagers can prepare this for a snack or for mommy when she is tired or busy with other tasks.


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