2014 FIFA World Cup Eats – World Cup Food Ideas

World Cup Eats

So far 2014 FIFA World Cup has been pretty exciting. Today we’ll see battle between Germany and Portugal, Iran and Nigeria, Ghana and United States. GermanyVSPortugal is/was a big one. Thomas Muller’s second goal had all Germany fans rejoicing. Do you know this is the fourth straight World Cup in which at least one Portugal player is sent off (6 red cards total.) If you are/were watching the match, you would know Raul Meireles wasn’t happy with Müller or the referee.

Well, it’s almost lunch time here and guess what I am craving for lunch..some German street food. I hear the Doner Kebap Sandwich’s are quite popular over their. Although Germany is well known for their variety of delicious sausages, kebab sandwiches are loved all over the world.  Other German street foods include Bavarian Fleischkase (also called Leberkase) which is similar to meatloaf sliced to the thickness of a finger and generally served with either hot mustard or sweet mustard in a roll. In recent years, their is increased popularity of  hybrid curry-sausage, Currywurst. Yes, who doesn’t love some hint of curry. Oh and let’s not forget about french fries and beer. Turkish-influenced street foods popular in Germany include include shawarma and doner. North African stalls can be seen selling shawarma, falafel and halumi. Who Knew?

Here, I am sharing with you a simple recipe of pork Kebabs which you can prepare and fill in any sandwich and enjoy a tasty lunch while watching your favourite teams fight for FIFA World Cup 2014.


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