Holi snacks – Moong Dal Poori Recipe(Stuffed Indian Bread)

Here is a great recipe for stuffed poori that is perfect for weekend brunch. Pair it with Aloo Curry and you have a fantastic lunch ready.


Oil for frying
For Stuffing: 1/2 cup moong dal
Salt per taste ( 1 tsp suggested)
1/2 tsp paprika
Fennel seeds
2-3 tbsp oil
( water as required)

For Dough
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup all purpose flour
2 tbsp ghee and Water to knead the dough
Pinch of salt

Prepare the dough by mixing dough ingredients. Let dough stand for 30 mins.
Prepare the stuffing by grinding pre soaked moong daal. Fry it in a pan with hot oil and spices until it dries out and turns a shade darker.

When ready to make the poori, heat oil for deep frying in a pot. Take small golf ball size dough portion. Flatten it out with a rolling pin. Fill it with stuffing and close it. Flatten it out again and fry in hot oil.

Holi Recipes- Indian MilkCake Recipe (Kalakand Recipe)

Learn how to prepare this delicious Indian sweet called Kalakand or Indian Milk cake for your next special occasion. I love to prepare it during Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan) for my brother as well as during Holi and Shivratri for my friends and family.
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1/2 tsp Saffron (to be dissolved in 2 tbsp milk)
2 tbsp chopped dry fruit of your choice like Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews etc
1 Lt. Full cream Milk (homo Milk- 3.25 %)
2 tbsp Vinegar
150 Ml Condensed Milk (about 1/2 cup)
2 tbsp butter or ghee
1 tsp Elaichi/Cardamom Powder
and patience

1. Dissolve Saffron in 2 tbsp milk
2. Grind or make coarse powder out of Cardamom seeds. You can skip this step by using Elaichi Powder. I prefer to make mine fresh as Elaichi powder can loose its aroma quickly.
3. Make Paneer (Indian style Cottage Cheese/Ricotta). For this pour 1 Lt. milk in heavy bottom pot/pan and bring it to boil. As it starts boiling, add 2 tbsp vinegar so that it can start curdling up. Separate paneer from whey. Whey is nutritious. Keep it for making soups, curries, to use as vegetable stock, to knead dough for paratha or roti.
4. Transfer paneer in a pan. Add butter/ghee and cook for 7-8 mins. Then add condensed milk and cardamom powder. Cook further for 15 mins until everything comes together and milk is almost dries up.
5. Transfer onto a plate/pan, let it cool down and put in thr fridge so that it can set. For quick cooling, put it in the freezer section. after about 2-3 hours, cut in desired shapes and serve.

This dessert/Indian milk cake is so tasty. It’s gooey, soft, melt in your taste quality.

Happy Shivratri 2014 To You All

Shivratri, one of the greatest religious festivals of Shiv devotees of North India is around the corner (on 27th Feb. this year). Actually, it is celebrated on the 14th night of the dark fortnight (known as Krishan Paksha )of Hindu month of Fagun/Phagun .Some people believe that Shiv got married on this day, though there is a lot controversy about his marriage date. In Northern India, temples are already preparing for this great festival. Prabhat Pheries (Morning Festivities) have started . Groups of People sing Shiv bhajans (religious songs) early in the morning in the streets.

On this day many kinds of rituals are performed. The most important is Rudrabhishek. In this Shiv-ling pujan is done by first bathing it with panchamrit that is a mixture of milk curd ghee honey and gangajal and cold water followed by offerings of bilav patri, flowers and fruit etc. All this is done to please the deity. Lord Shiva is considered to be one of the most powerful Hindu Gods with tons of devotees.

Many People observe fast on this Day. In the evening, they sometimes eat special Vrat food or sometimes take part in special Shivratri meal which consists of fruits, nuts and Kheer. The whole day prayers and havans are performed . The simplest mantra of Shiv is OM NAMAH SHIVAY. Athough the mantra is simple but it is capable of giving great results. If you are feeling anxious, a simple chant of this Mantra will calm you down. It is believed that on this night (Shivratri) Shiv takes a round of the world with hIs wife Parvati and whomever he finds praying is blessed for the whole Year. In the Temples and even on the road sides free meals (langars )are offered to everyone. Langar usually consists of Dal, Roti, Kheer, simple preparation of vegetables and rice. Religious fervour is in the air.

Shiv means Kalyankari, one who wishes for your well being. The other name for shiv ‘Shankar’ ┬ámeans ‘ Giver of Bliss’. ‘Ashutosh’ means always satisfied and happy. ‘Bholenath’ means Lord of the innocents . He himself is considered very innocent, deity who can be pleased easily with simple offerings, simple prayers and simple mantras. One of the tales of his innocence goes like this ; ┬átheir was a thief who used to earn his livelihood just by stealing. Once he couldn’t steal anything for days together and was very hungry. So he went to the temple to see if he could get anything to eat there but unfortunately he got nothing. Suddenly he saw the Brass Bell hanging above the Shivling and decided to steal it and sell it. He tried to pull it by standing beside the Shivling but did not succeed .Then he climbed on the Shivling to pull it. At that point Shiv appeared there and blessed him to fulfill all his wishes. By that time people had gathered there and asked Lord Shiv why he has blessed just a thief and not them as they have been praying for so many years. Shiv said that they have been offering him just flowers and fruits or whatever they had but since the poor thief didn’t have anything to offer, he offered himself hence he has been blessed. Such is the nature of our beloved God.

This Shivratri day pray with all your heart, ask forgiveness for your sins and show your gratitude for what you have. May Lord Shiva bless you with his choicest blessings. Happy Shivratri 2014 from EatEastIndian Team to all our friends, fans and viewers.