3 thoughts on “Delicious Chicken Recipe – Authentic Chicken Korma

  1. I’m American, from the South. I love Indian cuisine am crouius to explore. I like the presentation very much EXCEPT, I need to know the proportions of incredients: how MUCH Fenugreek!!??? How much cinnamon?? I often cook recipes of my own counry/region without measuring: this comes from initial training from mother and grandmother and years of practice. However, with your cuisine, I am a beginner. I like the recipe videos because they allow me to see and feel how to cook the dish. Thank you.

  2. Hi I’ve looked at many youtube videos on how to make chicken korma and your method and style of cooking, I really like. But you don’t have the portions nor measurements and I’ve looked all over site for your specifi recipe. I’d really like to know

    1. I am slowly adding the measurement and details of each recipe on my blog. Thanks for the feedback.

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