9 delicious Indian Chutney Recipes

Indian Chutneys
Exotic Dips

Whether you are having a casual get together of friends or a fancy dinner party, Chutneys(Dips) and chips got to be on the menu. Here are 9 Indian inspired chutneys for you to try and serve at your next event.

1. Tamarind Chutney: This is one of the most popular Indian chutneys often served along with appetizers like samosas and pakoras. Easy to make this chutney stores well.
2. Eggplant Chutney: Eggplant fans will really enjoy this chutney. Its very flavorful and creamy. It is best served with Pita or Naan bread.
3. Spicy Mango Mint Chutney: Want to spice up things? Got to serve this sweet and spicy Mango Mint Chutney.
4. Zucchini Chutney: When Zucchini’s are in the season and available at a good price, I prepare this chutney in bulk and then often serve with along with roti, rice and healthy Indian vegetables like aloo gobi.
5. Pineapple Chutney: Hands down, pineapple chutney is my favourite. It has that irresistible taste that if you’ll serve it with crackers, guests won’t put the spoon down.
6. Mint Chutney: Typical Punjabi style sauce, this mint chutney is good with variety of Indian and other appetizers and snacks. Every Indian household has their own version of this sauce and it is definitely made during summer months especially in Northern part of India when its hot outside as this chutney has amazing cooling effect.
7. Beetroot Chutney: Who knew beetroot could be so tasty? Try this chutney for a healthy option.
8. Dates Chutney: This exotic treat will wow your guests. Learn how to make super simple and flavorful Khajur ki chutney. Khajur i.e. dates lend a lovely sweet flavor to the dish and we balance it out with spice from dried red chilli, add earthy tones from sesame seeds, cashew nuts and peanuts. To aid digestion, add asafoetida and seasning from sugar and salt.
This chutney can be used as a spread on sandwiches and wraps, on bagels or with any Indian meal.
9. Coconut Chutney : If you like coconut, try this yummy chutney. This sauce goes great with Indian crepes (dosas), rice cakes (idli) and other south Indian food.