Easy Vrat Ke Aloo Recipe – Quick lunch Ideas

Navratre is an Indian/Hindu festival which lasts for 9 days and lot of people fast during these 9 days ( can fast 1 day or whole period) eating a special diet. This simple Potato dish is one simple recipe that is allowed to be had during these 9 days. Here is how we make it ūüôā

Ingredients/ Method
2 tbsp oil
1 Large potato or 2-3 small/medium size potatoes
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp ajwain/carom seeds
1/2 tsp rock salt
1/2 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp dried ginger ( Sund)
2-3 tbsp Yogurt

Method: Heat oil in a pan and add seeds. Add potatoes. Mix well and add spices. Cover and cook for 5-6 mins. When almost done, add yogurt and let cook further for 2 mins. Then turn the heat off and serve potatoes. They taste delicious on their own and make for a great side dish as well.

Another great recipe often made during fasting period is: Sabudana Kheer (Sago Dessert)

Meethi Kachori ( Indian Snacks) – Shivratri Special

With Holi and Shivratri being around the corner and onset of spring, everyone wants to celebrate and have good time with friends and family. Here is a must have recipe for your festival menu which can be prepared in advance.


For the shell
2 cups of flour
(I prefer using 1 cup all purpose and 1 cup whole wheat. You can use either of the two. Usually its prepared with all purpose flour)
2-4 tbsp of Desi Ghee ( Clarified Butter)
Water to knead the dough
Pinch of salt

For stuffing
2-3 tbsp ghee/butter or oil
1 cup of Unsweetned shredded coconut
1 cup dry fruit (chopped)
1/2 to 1 cup of sugar
1/3 cup sesame seeds
1/2 tsp nutmeg

Oil is also required for deep frying the Kachoris

Prepare the dough by mixing ghee, flour, water and pinch of salt. Set the dough aside for 30 mins.
Prepare the stuffing by frying coconut, dry fruits and other ingredients in a wok along with sugar. Let the stuffing cool down.
Roll out small portions of dough and fill them with stuffing. Close the Kachoris and deep fry until both sides are golden.
Enjoy with cup of Tea or coffee

How to make Gulgulle – Indian Doughnuts Recipe

Gulgulle Recipe- Indian style doughnuts


Happy Doughnuts Day guys. Who doesn’t love doughnuts? I too love Indian style doughnuts called Gulgulle – They are one of my favourite kind of doughnuts since so many of my fond childhood memories are associated with them. Gulgulle’s are specially prepared in India during festivals and Punjabi weddings. Did i mention that they go well with Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding)

These Indian style doughnuts are easy to make and taste delicious as they are flavoured with Fennel seeds (Saunf). So, this Doughnuts Day – June 8th, I share my fav Doughnuts recipe with you.

Gulgulle Recipe- Indian sweets


All you need to make gulgulle is Flour (all purpose or whole wheat), sugar (traditionally they are made with Jaggery – Gur), Oil for frying and fennel seeds.

Begin by preparing batter with flour, sugar, fennel and water. Batter should be a little bit thicker than pancake batter. Drop it in oil and fry until golden brown. I like sprinkling a bit of dry coconut flakes on mine. Serve them warm or cold. Enjoy!

Shitala Mata Festival – Basede

Hindu month of Chaitra (started on 14th March),when the sun enters pisces, is devoted to Goddess Shitala( meaning Shital- Cool). In this month everyday in the morning devotees bathe the statue of the goddess with a mixture of water and milk called Kacchi Lassi. It is believed that Goddess provides true devotees/worshippers and her followers immunity against diseases especially skin related liked measles, chicken pox , small pox etc.

Shitala (Shitla) Goddess is primarily popular among the people of North India. In some traditions she is identified with an aspect of Parvati, the consort of Shiva. Shitala is addressed as Mother, as a seasonal goddess (Vasant, i.e. Spring) and with honorific titles such as Thakurani, Jagrani (Queen of the World), Karunamayi (full of mercy), Mangala (The Auspicious One), Bhagavati (The Blessed One), Dayamayi (Full of Grace and Kindness). The role of Shitala in Southern parts of India is taken by the Goddess Mariamman who is worshipped not only by Indian people but also abroad in Malaysia, Indonesia and Bali.

In this month of Chaitra, people pray to the Goddess for the well being of their children. Tuesdays are very important for such prayers. On the first tuesday of the month most worshippers follow certain rituals. Sweets made of wheat flour and jaggery (Gulgulle, Atte Ka Halwa and meethi pooris etc. ) are offered to the goddess and are consumed as parsad/prashad. This festival is known as Basede .Parsad is made the previous day (i.e. Monday) and is offered cold on Tuesday.  It is also a seasonal festival and most of the people start taking bath with cold water from this day instead of hot water. Big Fairs are held in the Shitala/Shitla Temples and Langar (Community food) is prepared and distributed among the worshippers. 

Here is a recipe for Atte Ka Halwa (Wheat Flour Pudding) that you can prepare at home along with Panjiri and serve to family and friends or consume yourself as a prashad. Hope Goddess Shitala/ Shitla will bless you and your family with good health.